Chassidus Perspective

Moshe’s Business Advice

For one to sit back and rely on bread to descend from the heavens, he must have emunah. But why does one need emunah to plant a kernel?

Ki Tisa 5776

What distinguishes our observance of Torah and Mitzvos over the other nations' religious practices?

Self Transformation

When we work on ourselves and develop a sensitivity to the fact that Moshiach is not yet here, the essence of the neshamah is effective at all times, even in the “morning.”

Making Sense of Shtus

R. Shmuel’s shtus in kedushah wasn’t merely an occasional avodah; it was his outlook with which he lived on a constant basis.

The Mishpatim Paradox

“Parshas Mishpatim begins with the laws of slaves, to teach us that the foundation of all mitzvos, mishpatim included, is bittul and kabbolas ol.

Mitzvah Number One

“Every story in Sefer Bereishis contains lessons in our avodas Hashem. How could they be omitted?!”

The Hail's Downfall

As far as Heavenly ‘nature’ is concerned, to take back the hail would constitute a greater feat than to let in remain.

A Donkey With Three Uses

A businessman can actually see Hashem’s intervention in his business dealings. Hashem’s Hand is evident every step of the way.

When to Cry

When one perceives a personal ruin it isn't the time to cry. In fact crying may even cause the person to feel as the situation is somewhat under control - causing even further delay in taking the proper actions to begin the rebuilding.

Riches And Sparks

From time to time, even a baal esek must devote himself to Torah study, so that nothing else exists at that time—now he is a yeshiva bochur!

Three Miracles, Three Numbers

It would be normal to assume that physicality is just a figment of our imagination. The proof that this is not so is because it is used for mitzvos.

Chanukah Miracles

We must thank Hashem for everything we experience, even those events where we don’t see his intervention as clearly.

The Accomplishment of Chassidus

Tanya teaches how a Yid is completely higher than the world, giving us a special strength. The world is not really an opponent; deep down, it itself “agrees” to the nefesh ha’elokis.

The Joy of Selflessness

The great joy associated with the Nisuch Hamayim is the ability to generate an excitement in serving Hashem based on the directive to do so.

Inherently Connected

On Yom Kippur, the day itself atones. Teshuva is still necessary, as it connects the essential nature of the Jew with his conscious faculties, which allows that connection to last beyond Yom Kippur.

A Higher Awareness

Awareness of levels beyond our reach affect the way we view our connection to Hashem and how we perform our avodah.

Celebrating Together

The Bikurim were brought at the height of a Yid's simcha. This personal simcha was fully felt only after all of the Yidden had completely settled in Eretz Yisroel.

Building a New Home

A Yid at times must focus his Avoda outside of the safe spiritual environment. Although the Torah assures him that this new venture will be successful it still requires a new type of fence for protection. 

Regretting Rebellion

An Averia both demonstrates a lack of Kabolos Ol Malchus Shomaim and causes a stain in one's character. Teshuva as well contains two components. An acceptance of all Mitzvos and a cleansing of the dirt accumulated by the sin.

How Can I Prevail?

Clarity and strength are required in order to avoid sinning. However, after a sin, a Teshuva which stems from the innermost core (Tzur) needs to be revealed.