Chassidus Perspective

The Amalek Within

Amalek’s goal is to detach intellect from emotions, so that what we learn should not have an effect on our feelings and conduct. Sometimes we know full well that a certain activity is wrong and is aware of its severity, yet we tell ourself: “Nu, and therefore?” This attitude comes from Amalek.

What Makes Us Unique?

What differentiates us is not only those areas that do not exist elsewhere, but even those that other nations seem to replicate.

The Message of Kinyan

When a Jew studies Torah, he’s not merely collecting another piece of information. Every teaching he learns connects him with a level entirely beyond his understanding.

Realizing that Torah is essentially beyond his grasp does not dampen his spirits; to the contrary, it gives him chayus and energy.

Seeing the “Yes” in Everything

When encountering a nisayon, we must look at the positive aspect, that it was placed there to provide another opportunity to serve Hashem.

What Truth Really Means

Clearly, “truth” means much more than just “the opposite of falsehood.” There must be a deeper meaning to the concept of truth.

The Chanukah Story: A Deeper Look

The ultimate “miracle” is when a Jew’s essence is channeled into one’s intellectual and emotional character.

What's Special About 19?

There’s nothing impressive about explaining Hashem in rational terms, where His greatness is minimized to the degree that it’s understandable.

The Chesed-Gevurah Changeover

Children typically resemble their parents. So why was Yitzchak’s visage initially the opposite of his father’s?

Self-Sacrifice, No Strings Attached

Avraham stood to impress no one. In fact, sacrificing his sole successor would destroy everything he had worked for!

Two Ways to Look

Who  says the reason I noticed another’s shortcomings is because I have the same? Maybe the reason is another one altogether—so I can fulfill the mitzvah of tochachah?

We’re All United—But How?

You may love someone because you recognize that your souls are all united with Hashem. The problem is that you don’t love your friend as he exists in reality.

The Paradox of Teshuvah

The essence of teshuvah is limited to a single point: the resolve to mend one’s ways from now on. As soon as he resolves to live as a servant of Hashem, he is a tzaddik, regardless of any blemish that may still remain.

New House, New Protection

When a person is ready to begin a new phase and avodah, with new temptations and a new yetzer hara, he must erect a new fence.

No Reason to Fear

A person may be apprehensive that the yetzer hara will confuse him or tempt him; the possuk assures us we have no reason to fear.

The Ultimate Comfort

The name of this month Menachem Av hints to both "comforting" and "showing compassion". Comforting indicates that the problem is still intact. Compassion removes the pain. During this month we have the combination of both.

Fathers and Mothers

If a person is constantly involved in worldly pursuits, even if he does them lesheim shamayim, he will inevitably be affected by the materialism always there before him.

Minimizing the Fault

It should have bothered the Bnei Yisroel: How can it be that we will have to wait until we enter Eretz Yisroel to fulfill this mitzvah?! Moshe and Aharon were willing to forgo the great revelations they would experience, all so that the Jews’ discredit should be minimized.

One Day Later

The reason Hashem gave us the Torah on Zayin Sivan was to hint to the second day of Yom Tov, celebrated by Jews in the Diaspora.

Being Forced: Vice Or Virtue?

Why was it necessary to force the Bnei Yisroel to accept the Torah? Hadn’t they already accepted it of their own free will?

Open My Eyes

Just as today, seeing physical objects doesn’t require any unique miracle or Divine intervention, so too in the times of Moshiach, seeing Elokus will be a natural phenomenon.