Chassidus Perspective

The Value of an Uninspired Mitzva

You’re under the impression that you’re just committing an act, but you have a neshama, and that neshama is connected to Hashem.

Automatic Business

The business is not an intermediary. The business has no authority. The entire concept is that it so rose in Hashem’s will, for whatever reason, that livelihood should come through business.

Different in Everything

A Yid strives to find ways to derive greater pleasure from Torah, more enjoyment in mitzvos, and since one competes with the other, he rejoices that he will have less worldly pleasure.

The Selflessness of the Shepherds of Israel

We have no inkling of how dearly a true Shepherd of Israel cherishes every single Jew. We have no inkling of how utterly he sets aside every lofty facet of his life to save a fellow Jew, both in gashmiyus and in ruchniyus.

Serving the Eibershter Irrationally

If he wants to connect to the Eibershter, Who is beyond worldly limitations, he must conduct himself likewise: Calculations are irrelevant. When the current challenge relates to studying Torah or doing a mitzva, no limits stand in his way.

Learning Torah Like a Yid

When a Yid studies Torah, he's not merely collecting another piece of information. Every word of Torah that a Yid learns makes him more eidl: it refines him and upgrades his connection with the Eibershter, with something that is utterly higher than his understanding. For a Yid, this is not a difficulty. This is his pnimiyus, his innermost essence, and this is his chayus, the source of his vitality.

Making Torah Our Reality

Due to the overwhelming response to the previous webcast, Reb Yoel has agreed to present weekly on topics that are timely and relevant.
The Chassidic Perspective with Reb Yoel Kahn is a project of Merkaz Anash,  which was founded to provide Anash with practical education and inspiration. This video was filmed with help of Beis Hamedrash L’shluchim.

Cultivating Our Connection with the Rebbe

Reb Yoel Kahn, known to his thousands of students as “Reb Yoel,” serves as the head mashpia at the Central Tomchei Temimim Yeshivah in 770. For over forty years he served as the chief ‘chozer’ (transcriber) of all the Rebbe’s sichos and ma’amorim. He is also the editor-in-chief of Sefer HoErchim Chabad, an encyclopedia of Chabad Chassidus.