Chassidus Perspective

Building a New Home

A Yid at times must focus his Avoda outside of the safe spiritual environment. Although the Torah assures him that this new venture will be successful it still requires a new type of fence for protection. 

Regretting Rebellion

An Averia both demonstrates a lack of Kabolos Ol Malchus Shomaim and causes a stain in one's character. Teshuva as well contains two components. An acceptance of all Mitzvos and a cleansing of the dirt accumulated by the sin.

How Can I Prevail?

Clarity and strength are required in order to avoid sinning. However, after a sin, a Teshuva which stems from the innermost core (Tzur) needs to be revealed.

Uniformity and Diversity of Mitzvos

Even creating an emotional attachment to Hashem must be done because this is what Hashem desires.

Knowing Him Below

The posuk "VeYodata" seems to describe a lower awareness of Hashem than the posuk of "Ata Oraisa". Yet, it is the knowledge of Hashem initiated by man ("VeYodata") that has the "Hayom" quality - an unchanging revelation of G-dliness.

The Truth About Golus

Hashem desires to show us His greatest love, and as a result he “set out on a journey” and brought about the golus.

Essential Powers

The bechira a Yid possess is unlimited. It can even cause a fundamental change in kedusha realities.

Beyond a Doubt

Chukim indicates that the ideas are engraved and internalized. Yet they are also the type of Mitzvos which are not understood and seemingly external to the person.

Connecting to the Rebbe

Every person understands that Gimmel Tammuz is a day to increase one’s connection with the Rebbe, and through him, to strengthen and reveal his connection with Hashem.

Independent Decisions

A yid is not supposed to fulfill mitzvos merely with kabbolas ol. He should try to understand whatever he can, so that his intellect will be elevated to the truth of Torah.

When a person goes beyond the letter of the law and strives to study Torah and fulfill mitzvos behiddur, the dirah betachtonim he creates is truly part of him.

Sparing Them Disgrace

The yidden didn't request permission to bring the Korban Pesach throughout all the years in the midbar although it had great relevance to them. Moshe and Aharon also remained silent about this, as not to embarrass the yidden further.

Accepting the Torah

At Matan Torah the Jews achieved a new level of refinement (Tachtonim Yaalu Lelyonim). This enabled them to establish a second day of Yom Tov, bringing Kedusha to the mundane.

Not Man-made

At the time of Matan Torah the Jews were batel to Hashem at the highest level they could possibly attain. Yet Hashem still "held the mountain over them". He wants to be connected to us in unbreakable bond, beyond even our high level of commitment.

A Silent Message

Moshe’s silence is not to be understood as a lack of preparation; this itself was the way he prepared the yidden, by showing them that the essence of Torah is beyond human comprehension and preparation.
Hashem doesn’t want this level to remain separate from a yid; He desires that the unlimited depth of Torah should penetrate the human intellect.

Able to Cleanse

When one performed a basic teshuvah as required by halachah, consisting of a simple resolution to refrain from transgressing the aveirah again (teshuvah tata’ah), the sin has been removed completely and effectively. 

Every Jew A Tzaddik

Techiyas hameisim is much higher than gan eden. How can it then be that not everyone merits gan eden, yet every Jew has a portion in techiyas hameisim? 

The Beginning of Redemption

At Yetzias Mitrayim the Yid were "born". This began a new and higher Avoda. The Yidden were already involved with refining the world in Mitzrayim, and perfecting the world is important. However, the true purpose of  a Yid is to build a unique connection and unity with Hashem.

The Psychology of Sin

When someone performs a deliberate sin, it does not necessarily mean that his character is faulty. After all, a person has free choice; it’s possible that his midos are by and large the way they should be, but at that specific moment he succumbed to his desire.

The Lower Mishkan

The details of the Mishkan are repeated to represent the two Mishkans. The supernal upper Mishkan and the physical lower Mishkan. It is only the lower Mishkan where Hashem's essence is fully disclosed.

Seeing in the Dark

Hashem merely wants us to create a levush in nature, but the source of one’s sustenance is beyond nature and is based on one’s connection to Hashem