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The Weekly Farbrengen Dedication

Every week, many thousands from all different cities and experiences join together for a global farbrengen: The Weekly Farbrengen.

The unique collection of interesting and often unknown stories appeal to adults and youth alike looking to read something short, sweet, and easy to share.

But it's so much more than that.

By curating relevant content from our living tradition, The Weekly Farbrengen transmits that lifegiving chassidishe spirit to a new generation.

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The Farbrengen

Have you ever been at loss for a vort or story that slipped your mind? Looking for a source for an insight you once heard?

The Farbrengen

A comprehensive, indexed, and searchable database of farbrengen content – from a wide variety of sources – allowing you to easily find that story you need.

Thousands of stories, tidbits and sources, will be tagged according to names, dates and topics.

To get involved, reach out at [email protected].