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Chassidus Perspective

The Paradox of Teshuvah

The essence of teshuvah is limited to a single point: the resolve to mend one’s ways from now on. As soon as he resolves to live as a servant of Hashem, he is a tzaddik, regardless of any blemish that may still remain.

New House, New Protection

When a person is ready to begin a new phase and avodah, with new temptations and a new yetzer hara, he must erect a new fence.

No Reason to Fear

A person may be apprehensive that the yetzer hara will confuse him or tempt him; the possuk assures us we have no reason to fear.

The Ultimate Comfort

The name of this month Menachem Av hints to both "comforting" and "showing compassion". Comforting indicates that the problem is still intact. Compassion removes the pain. During this month we have the combination of both.

Fathers and Mothers

If a person is constantly involved in worldly pursuits, even if he does them lesheim shamayim, he will inevitably be affected by the materialism always there before him.

Minimizing the Fault

It should have bothered the Bnei Yisroel: How can it be that we will have to wait until we enter Eretz Yisroel to fulfill this mitzvah?! Moshe and Aharon were willing to forgo the great revelations they would experience, all so that the Jews’ discredit should be minimized.

One Day Later

The reason Hashem gave us the Torah on Zayin Sivan was to hint to the second day of Yom Tov, celebrated by Jews in the Diaspora.

Open My Eyes

Just as today, seeing physical objects doesn’t require any unique miracle or Divine intervention, so too in the times of Moshiach, seeing Elokus will be a natural phenomenon.

A Jew’s Essential Value

We are Hashem’s “treasure,” and we have an intrinsic value just by virtue of the fact that we exist.

Uncovering Galus

When Hashem split the Yam Suf, every body of water in the world split as well. This means that every concealed level, no matter how sublime, was open to all.

Three Matzos, Four Cups

The matzos correspond to the expressions of geulah, too—but only to the first three of them.

The Place for Infinity

We tend to think that a spiritual entity or activity is surely closer to Hashem than a limited, physical act or place. However, this is not true.

The Mystery of Mishpatim

Abhorring evil is not divorced from having kabolas ol. The reason we detest certain actions is because Hashem wants us to feel that way.

Redefining Reality

The world is inherently a good and beautiful place. We are here merely to bring it back to its original state.

Cultivating Our Connection with the Rebbe

A true shepherd doesn’t only care for his flock. His flock is his essence, and if the flock is lacking, he is lacking too.

The Truth About Truth

If one’s inspiration is indeed genuine and comes from within, it will remain even once the outside circumstances change.

Descent Into Spiritual Sightlessness

Both he who possess proofs and he who lacks them are in fact equal in their disconnect from the actual matter. To be persuaded of something is to be detached from it, bereft of the straightforwardness of plainly seeing it.

The Feet’s Advantage

Moshiach’s legs are described as “standing atop the Mount of Olives,” demonstrating that Moshiach’s legs are higher than the wisdom represented by oil.

The Birthday of Klal Yisrael

The departure from Mitzrayim is compared to the birth of a child. Although the Yidden actually left Mitzrayim on 15 Nissan, their “birth” began earlier, on Yud-Alef Nissan.

To be a Mentch

When one Yid harms another, the Torah obligates him to give compensation. This is not merely a technical obligation or a mitzvah. It should truly bother a Yid that he mistreated someone else, and accepting full responsibility.